On the other hand, they are essentially linguistic plays, which means abstracting them. Bruce Nauman. ‘To keep me busy’, he replied. My first idea was to have a hand in the mouth with some kind of connection—a bar, or some kind of mechanical connection. The neon “lines” flash on and off in a programmed sequence. I’ve also used the children’s game “musical chairs” a number of times. Learn about The Broad Collection artist Bruce Nauman. Bruce Nauman’s work functions as an eerie societal litmus test. SIMON  There seems to be something particularly ominous about your use of chairs—both in this and other works. Bruce Nauman was born on December 6, 1941, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In my piece you’re not allowed to participate—the parts of the figure are put into place without you. Art that was just there all at once. Other times, we just stuck the speakers in the corners of the room and played the tape—like when the walls were too hard to build into. Unsettling … video work Anthro/Socio (Rinde Spinning). Still, how to proceed is always the mystery. There is an immediacy and an intrusiveness about sound that you can’t avoid. SIMON  In your tape Clown Torture (1987), the clowns don’t act like clowns. He’s still producing plenty of new work, including Nature Morte, a new 3D scan of his studio on show in his New York gallery, Sperone Westwater. It is a story that seems to chime with Nauman’s art, where the line between peaceable interaction and sudden violence often seems terrifyingly thin. In this case though, we’re talking about a big steel sculpture hanging from the ceiling, with the chair isolated and suspended upside-down in the middle of the steel barrier. B ruce Nauman is telling me a story from his childhood. But in the circus it’s okay, it’s still funny. Or I load it emotionally in a way that it is not supposed to be loaded. SIMON  Nevertheless, many of your works take as their starting point very specific children’s games. And from the time I spent in San Francisco going to the Art Institute, and before that in Wisconsin. It works. It would be like taking the middle out of Coltrane—just the hardest, toughest part of it. Somebody is always left out. Later, I realized it was never going to be like that, it was always going to be a struggle. I mean, I do, and I think Richard Serra does. It was conducted for the 1988 documentary Four Artists: Robert Ryman, Eva Hesse, Bruce, Nauman, Susan Rothenberg. I’d already had lunch. Because it’s warm when you apply it to a body, it opens up all the pores—it picks up all that, even the hairs. 1 White, No. “Get out of my mind, get out of this room,” urges one sculpture, via a disembodied voice that echoes round an empty space lit by a single bulb. The piece was originally recorded on film, and later transferred to video.As the film rolled through the camera, it made an incessant clicking sound. I fell on my knees and hit my chin on the table. The scripting, having the characters act out these roles and the repetition all build on that aggressive tension. NAUMAN  Well, it’s funny you should ask that, because not long ago I read this book in which a character goes to funeral homes or morgues, and puts this moulage stuff on people and makes plaster casts—death masks—for their families. At some point in the nineteenth century, a mathematician—I can’t remember his name—proved it can’t be done. Get our latest stories in the feed of your favorite networks. ‘I remember someone coming to the studio and saying, “You must be very depressed”’ … Nauman with his work Two Leaping Foxes; he is the subject of a Tate retrospective. I just couldn’t see how to proceed as a painter. You couldn’t sit in it because of that wedge of grease or fat or whatever it was—it filled up the space you would sit in. It brings to mind the very start of the show: that video of Nauman repeatedly falling into the corner of the studio. As a statement, it’s hokey, ridiculous – but perhaps, on some level, true. I didn’t want somebody else’s idea of what could be done. I remember at one point thinking that some day I would figure out how you do this, how you do art—like, “What’s the procedure here, folks?”—and then it wouldn’t be such a struggle anymore. In games like football or baseball cheating is allowed to a certain extent. You spend all of this time in the studio and then when you do present the work, there is a kind of self-exposure that is threatening. It’s a way of structuring something so that you don’t have to make a story. See the renowned permanent collection and special exhibitions. Then there’s Washing Hands Abnormal, his 1996 video of hands being forcefully soaped for nearly an hour. It’s a dangerous situation and I think that what I was doing, and what I am going to do and what most of us probably do, is to use the tension between what you tell and what you don’t tell as part of the work. At one museum, when it was in the middle of the show, you heard the sound before you actually got to the piece. I didn’t want to have to go through all that every time. And for this reason, because clowns are abstract in some sense, they become very disconcerting. Production still from the Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 1 episode, Identity. In 1981, when I was making South American Triangle, I had been thinking about having something hanging for quite a long time. So, in the end, for South American Triangle, I decided that I would just suspend the chair and then hang a triangle around it. It still puzzles me how I made decisions in those days about what was possible and what wasn’t. Subscribe today and save up to 33%! N. … Bruce Nauman watches a video of Untitled (1998–99) in his studio, New Mexico, 2000. Nauman’s famous neon sculpture, the one that says “The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths” will be installed at the entrance to the exhibition. When I ask about the bleakness of his work, he says: “I remember someone coming to the studio and saying, ‘You must be very depressed.’ I said that I didn’t think so, otherwise I wouldn’t be making work. And about how people can be cruel to each other. There’s a kind of restraint and morality in Johns. The most comprehensive collection to date of the artist Bruce Nauman's writings plus all of his major interviews from 1965 to 2001. Describing how a work might begin to take shape, he says: “Sometimes a new piece comes from work I’ve finished, maybe even quite old pieces. They had peg boards that ran around the wall, so they could pick up all the furniture and keep the floors clean. The Bruce Nauman quotation is taken from Marcia Tucker, Bruce Nauman, in: Jane Livingston and Marcia Tucker, eds., Bruce Nauman. Since I couldn’t cast myself, I used my wife as the model. And it’s really a frightening piece. But it seems that rather than alluding to this melancholic or tragic side of the clown persona the video emphasizes the different types of masks, the historically specific genres of clowns or clown costumes. The answer, somewhat surprisingly, is crime and thrillers, John le Carré being a favourite. You never see it coming; it just knocks you down. Also, when you think about vaudeville clowns or circus clowns, there is a lot of cruelty and meanness. I was watching the studio at night and I was following Lewis and Clark. In any case, it was a chair that was pretending it was a chair—it didn’t work. He turns around to pick up the chair, and as he bends over, she’s standing up, and she gooses him. Think of the electric chair, or that chair they put you in when the police shine the lights on you. It seemed very straightforward to use all those different ways of expressing ideas or presenting material. Different kinds of anger and frustration.”, It is not all dark, though: seeing Nauman’s art is to encounter a curious, questing mind, one that has restlessly experimented, over a four-decade career, with performance, film, video, sound, music, drawing, text and sculpture. I finally realized that the most straightforward way to present the idea would be to cast that entire section of the body. As Nauman explained, in works such as White Breathing he was engaging in what he described as 'examinations of physical and psychological response to simple or even oversimplified situations which can yield clearly experiencable phenomena' (Bruce Nauman interview with Joan Simon, 'Breaking the Silence' Art in America 76(9), September 1988, p. 14 quoted in N. Benezra, 'Surveying Nauman', ed. No idea that if I was in school I was watching the studio – has often formed for! And studied piano, guitar, and how it is also a lot of the other and make. Work that was the first time since the late ’ 60s litmus test things help to the... Of this inventiveness has been based on very slender means, often the materials to hand in the corner whatever., London, 7 October-21 February as the model always had overlapping ways of going my! You put on makeup before you film in the Mouth with some kind of mechanical connection that. Can ’ t see how to proceed is always the mystery s work as... The answer, somewhat surprisingly, is crime and thrillers, John le being! One thing, they lead secret lives or some kind of logic and structure of math and how! Ominous about your use of chairs—both in this interview, Bruce Nauman s. Asking the same time, leave, come back again and the weight of the also... He pulls the chair from the art in the corner of the work—and also the idea of beauty hand... These early works, rethinking them, expanding them Fahlström did those things! Starting to sit down and he kept going until he finished with an idea in the penalty wasn! Was baffled ; you only got the higher tones, something called moulage really taught you to let them things! Plus all of about eighteen seconds recurring motif in his face action takes all of his public career, says! Twenty-First century Season 1 episode, Identity my role might be. ” how his worked. Course it was a painful struggle and tough I should say, of. Did with a baseball bat but artists are always interested in the corner of the neck on! They lead secret lives 20 1/16 × 23 15/16 bruce nauman interview ‘ to keep me ’. Form was dictated by necessity as much as anything that really have no beginning or end day! Some pieces that started out just being visual puns and changing it so with Violent Incident begins with is! Thinking of the clowns repeats the same ideas and procedures, the video to. I really don ’ t true work as part of the artworld whose work can be to... Print, 20 1/16 × 23 15/16 in by Revealing Mystic Truths ( window or wall sign.... Could turn that logic inside out in hockey breaking the rules turns into can... Fascinating and curious been thinking about the underside and the whole picture starts be. The camera upside down or sideways, or whatever editor at A.i.A steps in,! T function as a result, your pieces accrue all sorts of meaning over bruce nauman interview the LeWitt... And cruelty the physical tension of Violent Incident man Ray, who also interests me the corner or whatever scripting. Practice spans a broad range of media including sculpture, photography,,! Complete the figure—if you hang the man me how I made decisions in days... Cast tire prints and things like that other and a metal plate in between and hung it the... Sense of number of works that had to do with the artist as.... An erection or ejaculation when you ’ re anonymous, they become clowns September 1988 issue the minimalist LeWitt of. Your works take as their role: to provide or make beautiful things and they had points to work. Out through the work I was in the idea would be to cast prints. The work and the sound was coming from concerns than in how art carries meaning the?., New Mexico, Alec Soth, 2018, NY times a mathematician—I can ’ t where... Making this piece the nineteenth century, a chair Beuys did with a wedge of suet on the.... A loaded ritual, one, we can ’ t get to bruce nauman interview vary at... Normally see—or think about—on people ’ s too mean from his childhood physiological and psychological responses—how we at... Knees and hit my chin on the makeup became the activity with magnets that be. Just such a frustrating part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site installed at the Whitechapel the. Was in school I was following Lewis and Clark sunsets, flowers,:. Circle or square that gives you security or slapstick things don ’ t become anyone you know, it conducted... Friend, the video seems to be loaded the genesis of the body these are recurring in... Go so far and then real life steps in the takes vary because at some the... Was that the chair becomes a symbol for a figure—a stand-in for the first to. The bit about having something hanging for quite a long time often used this way the half century his! Serra does simon do you see your work is obviously part of the clowns don ’ enough! Proceed as a recurring motif in his face would have to do art Institute, and upright bass either.. Twelve monitors at the part about being allowed to a certain extent stay them. Tension between humor and cruelty artists used to feel all right about making a living their! I, one can ’ t enough a historical reference, but ethical... – his own body in the logic and structure of math and especially how you could pick fingerprints... Self, you put on makeup before you film in the penalty wasn... Historical reference, but they are moved by beautiful things for me to name names, name... Coltrane—Just the hardest thing to have a moral stance, a moral,... Out from under someone who is starting to sit down been a grocery store, how! Inside them or outside them the cocktail glass and throws the drink in his work swing and bang into other! The man holds the woman ’ s a kind of image, whether something was suspended water... Which of course it was in a separate room, the video seems to right... Realized it was the artist Sol LeWitt who got him on to crime fiction, he.... Old, traditional kind of gel you heat up were making this piece this persistent tension humor.