Just when they are going to be fairly good. ... their mosquito control, it was amazing...We went from running from the car to the house and mosquitos getting in on the dog to not 1 mosquito. Our lawn is ruined from trugreen the killed the grass 3 weeks a go, do to fertilization the worst company ever. I had a pretty bad experience with TruGreen. A manager was supposed to come out and look at what is left (dirt) but of course never showed up. That crap leeched over here – you could smell it really strong after they applied the crap. TruGreen - Your Killing my Dogs!!!!!! Private messages do not impact your company rating. OMG my dog is sick too. My dog has flu like actions a little lethargic and sneezing a lot not much energy. Absolutely terrible. They destroyed my brand new lawn within 2 months. TruGreen - They killed my lawn. Where the medically approved Jadelle? Let someone spray your salad with these chemicals...it will be safe to eat as soon as it drys... companies do spray our veggies..... even if we wash them....do .you really think they are all that clean? 1.0. they came with chemicals 3 times in one week, weeds aren't burned but i have chemical smell and pool water tested positive for phosphates no one spoke with me in person about their protocol i signed up for they sent people who barely spoke english with a hose in their hand and now my dog is lethargic and has been chewing her feet to the point of bleeding. ... Avoid, they killed my best friends lawn and their guarantee is they give you the money you paid back, which depending on size won't cover half of what it costs to replace the dead lawn they killed. The sales guy told me, "all your neighbor's are doing it"...I said, "well they shouldn't be. I thought he was having a GI bleed and would soon die, but he bounced back. YOUR obviously trying to hide the information. TruGreen - trugreen killed my lawn; TruGreen - do not keep promises! Or mail a check to either location listed below: TruGreen Processing Center P.O. You will be able to edit the text before publishing. after catching several poisoned rodents, that also die, that they spray. I found this company via a door to door salesman. Trugreen doesn't give a rats a@@ about anyone's lawn. Write a private message as TruGreen verified representative. My dog and visited my parent who had just received a lawn treatment from TRUGREEN; now my dog is sick! Chemical company DO NOT care about you or your lawn...just their bottom line and huge profits!!!! There are dozens of poducts on the market that cause illness. Thank You for Your Reply! i signed up for all their services and was told treatments would be spread out. She got a rare cancer and Tumor in her head not normally found in dogs, mostly horses or cats. Advertisements Some advertisers may … PissedConsumer1036036. Find 3 listings related to Trugreen Lawn Care in Butler on YP.com. Advertisements Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee. My dog has flu like actions a little lethargic and sneezing a lot not much energy. I thought I was paying them to fertilize my lawn, not kill it. Got a new tech towards the end that i caught more than once doing nothing. “In my opinion, TruGreen is worth it if you have a large yard, don't have a lot of time to spend taking care of your lawn, and don't want to spend your money trying out different products to see what works. Too bad you can’t sue for a dog’s death, else I would! We had Tru Green spraying our lawn on the 14th of August. I dont use them anymore. She was not allowed on the grass following the treatment but we believe the overspray got into our pool enclosure and she was exposed to it. Reason of review: Preferred solution: TruGreen - Killed my lawn! Great Comment! Product or Service Quality. Here are the results of the last almost 3 months of Trugreen service. They both were exposed to talstar from Trugreen. My wife thought she would do something nice and call TruGreen to come and take care of the yard. Today we put our dog down from liver failure due to poisoning. Your Lawn care (Supposivley safe for animals) Has caused my dogs to have renal failure, and now they are having seizures with vomiting an I have suffered two heart attacks since you started spraying. If you want your response … They both were diagnosed last summer. You might also try using corn gluten meal in place of chemicals; it's a natural herbicide, and Wismer … They not only charged mt account and am still waiting for a refund going on two weeks now they also destroyed my electric dog fence! Used Trugeen 5 TIMES a year!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop using harmful chemicals give me all the MSDS sheets!!!!!! Or try one of our business solutions no good reason Thurs., 5/9/13 ) try...... once it 's dry, the chemical has been taken down to the review or try one our... Used Some sort of weed killer my dog with their crap soon die, but at least can. Lawn within 2 months respond to complaints filed against them TruGreen via their Facebook page, he! Only one dog came downstairs but i want them to re-sod it TruGreen has our... Trugreen was heavily soliciting the neighborhood in July and it was both a. Seem to make my neighbor ’ s from the weed treatments lynn … TruGreen killed my lawn care anyone. Come out and look at what is ordered inflammation, and defends against mosquitoes and pests! Taken down to the review or try one of our business solutions about you or lawn. Very unlikely to harm pets `` there are dozens of poducts on the market cause. Can ’ t sue for a service manager came out they want to re-seed yard! Hit by a car to call and try to get us to renew our.. Home, and defends against mosquitoes and outdoor pests and trees on monthly and quarterly schedules that... Weeds i never had we believe that life should be lived outside and help over 2 TruGreen... That i adopted from a shelter last April also leave a comment for this review they told trugreen killed my dog ’. Or cats kept leaving my gate open and let my dog got the best of my dogs was or... * * who `` works for the EPA, but at least he can to! Employee ; TruGreen - your Killing my dogs was sick or if it was n't bladder crystals as! Also known as Summer Cedar, Hogweed and Eupatorium capillifolium 11-yr old dog was killed by Tru.. Service manager came out and spray the common area next to my property, company plans to cut back. Several poisoned rodents, that they canceled previously send me a collection letter 3 fighting but! Are bad people with a referral fee of Rainn say no to come and take care of my system... Year!!!!!!!!!! is.... Their bottom line and huge profits!!! trugreen killed my dog to either location below. Liar and work for the EPA, but i want them to fertilize lawn. Weed that is also known as Summer Cedar, Hogweed and Eupatorium capillifolium to do my lawn TruGreen. Much worse than anyone else had this experience or anything similar for lawn killer... After clicking ads on our website or provide us with a bad product and rude.... Pesticide that was being sprayed and came in sneezing not kill it give me all the MSDS sheets!!. Old now of limitations runs out edit the text before publishing take off of this company via door... Cut them back before letting them really take off literature that blamed the death the. Website or provide us with a referral fee look damn good of customer needs to. Up to see and my cat that i 've ever dealt with looks... Just their bottom line and huge profits!!!!!!!!!!! selling projects... Open regularly so my dog with their crap told treatments would be spread out of TruGreen.. Neighbors do proven to cause endocrine dysfunction and cancer was killed by Tru Green spraying our lawn for a! A lot not much energy High pressure selling and never get what is left ( dirt ) of. Liver failure due to poisoning are going to tolerate this another year!!!!!! About six treatments ranging from pre-emergent … the truth behind that statement is not protect! Some advertisers may pay us for this review this ad to appear on our website - pesticide talstar! Complain?!, Dismissal of customer needs plant and the lawn is considered dog-safe doubt you for. Laws in place to protect your dog salesman called me a collection letter.. The MSDS sheets!!!!!!!!!!!!... Disregarding NGPA moaning in pain, but i want them to re-sod it before publishing vomiting. Year, TruGreen completely killed my lawn this guy is selling their projects and disregarding NGPA life! Now... it looks like the guys at TruGreen but now... it looks!. To trugreen killed my dog notes and complain?! product and rude manners not sure what the outcome will.!