The grip angle and the texture actually make the GP100 easier to shoot well ! I also like the feel of the slim wood grips that come on it, and the 4.2 inch barrel with just the half underlug. As one of WTA's resident revolver whores I have to pass on the news of Ruger's new GP100 Match Champion. During the Ruger GP100 10mm Match Champion review, I discovered where the gun shines – as a competition gun. The Ruger GP100 has been a mainstay in the company’s double-action revolver line since it first rolled off the assembly line in 1986, and its new Match Champion is purpose-built for competition use. Essentially it's a 4" that's been given the sight treatment, "melted" cylinder and action job of the "Wiley Clapp" 3" but Ruger has departed from the full-underlug and went with a short ejector shroud. The Ruger SP101 Match Champion revolver is 23,16 cm / 9.12" long overall and weighs 850 grams (30 oz.) In my search, I have come across the SP101 Match Champion 357, and the more plain SP101 4" model as well. No regrets here !!! The 10mm GP-100 Match Champion is sized just right for either hunting or personal defense. The new barrel has flat sides, and the underlug stretches just a bit more than halfway instead of going all the way to the muzzle. I’ll pick up a 686 plus and right next to it a GP100 Match Champion and im liking the Ruger trigger better. They paid attention to the details, and got the details right. I'm looking at going a bit more compact, either the SP-101 or the GP100 Match Champ with 4.2" barrel. The Ruger SP101 Match Champion is chambered in .357 Mag. Ruger's GP100 Match Champion: The Best .357 Magnum in Decades Over the years, I've tested countless revolvers, but few are truly “good to go” out of the box. Ruger SP101 Match Champion The Ruger SP101 made its debut in 1988. It was a small-frame revolver intended to be the stablemate for the GP100 that had supplanted the firm's small Security-Six wheelgun. The Ruger GP100 Match Champion was conceived by several members of our team that wanted a competition-worthy revolver." 1: Wood grips / fiber optic front sight right out of the box ($130 to $150 value in it of itself: makes up for the price difference by this alone) I would go for the GP100 for the added weight better handling of recoil. The Ruger Match Champion is the only GP100 that offers a … Purchased these on sale to add some soul to my .44 Special GP100 3-inch. Grips are easily changed. The new Ruger GP100 Match Champion .357 Mag. Then you might as well buy a Match Champion for $750. The Match Champion’s Hogue Monogrip was a beautiful hardwood featuring graceful swells and stippled panels on each side. With the creation of this new GP-100 Match Champion, Ruger has built my favorite 357 Magnum double-action revolver. It is smooth, accurate, reliable, tough, and sized just right. As I sprinted through the Ruger booth, I remember being impressed with the trigger and the features during the few minutes I handled the new revolver. The Ruger GP100 Match Champion looks great, feels great, handles great and is a remarkably soft shooter with 180 grain factory loads. I finally have enough cash saved up and have been thinking of the old SP101 3" 357 again. I liked these on my new Match Champ, so I installed them on my 6 GP as well. Right next to both of them is a Redhawk in 45 Colt and it’s better than both and then I pick up a Ruger LCR and it has the best double action trigger of any revolver in the store. The trigger is better than stock GP100, but can easily be made even better with a little more polishing, and lighter springs if you are into that. I also like the feel of the slim wood grips that come on it, and the 4.2 inch barrel with just the half underlug. For a BBQ I would get the GP 100 with adjustable sight as it is a very fine looking gun for BBQ. With its ergonomic enhancements and tuned action, the Match Champion delivers fast, accurate shots and takes the popular SP101 to the next level. I don't know if the match champion has the same weight springs as the standard, but they're cheap enough that it's worth spending the $15 and trying a few different combinations out. Now Ruger is offering a distinctively upscale version of it called the Match Champion, which also features the “triple-lock” type cylinder/crane arrangement that helped make the original GP100 such a stout item for those shooters who simply must subsist on a heavy magnum diet. I would replace the rubber grips with wood grips and do a trigger job on it. Jack Weigand did much of my pistolsmithing; the triggers and double-action smoothness have often been sorely lacking whether on S & W, Taurus, Rossi, and standard Ruger product. Now that our primary testing sample is over 500 rounds, it’s time for a proper review of the gun. The Ruger SP101 made its debut in 1988. My SP101 is my favorite gun. Now that we have established a standard, let’s take a look at a modern double action revolver, the Ruger GP100 Match Champion, and see how it meets those standards. I need help deciding which one to pounce on and why! The GP100 Match Champion’s satin-stainless-steel surface was brighter than the Smith & Wesson finish of the same name. The patented grip frame easily accommodates a variety of custom grips, but a custom Altamont hardwood grip with stippled and checkered sides comes standard – an ideal grip for any shooting environment. We asked him to tell us in 30 seconds or less why we should consider the new Ruger in … I absolutely love my Match Champion. Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) is proud to announce the new Ruger SP101® Match Champion™ – a five-round revolver designed with the competitor in mind. I absolutely love my Match Champion. Ruger will have a new model GP100 available in 2014, the Ruger GP100 Match Champion.This is the GP100 for competition shooting, and to be 100% honest it looks like Ruger went into my dreams while I was asleep and pulled all the features I want in a GP100 to make this gun.. This Match champion is king of Ruger’s DA six-guns and like any royalty, needs a crown. The fit & feel is as near perfect as can be. It is strong, reliable, powerful, and easy-to-shoot. IF one could get the Match Champion with the old style firing pin and bushing I would go with that as like the half lug and lighter weight. Available in 357 Magnum, 38 Special, 327 Federal Mag, 22 LR, and 9mm, the SP101 Ruger revolver comes in a design and caliber that fits your specific shooting needs. The new Ruger GP100 Match Champion comes from the factory with the following features: and features a full-lug stainless-steel barrel that measures 4.2 inches long. It carries well on the hip for hunting, and is compact enough to conceal. The Ruger GP100 Match Champion is Ruger’s serious entry into the IDPA/ICORE Competition revolver market. I have a 4" GP100 if that factors in. Originally built for the .357 Magnum, the GP100 incorporates a medium-sized stainless steel frame and barrel that are relatively light, with the entire gun coming in at 37 ounces. Despite the 10mm’s reputation for power, the Ruger GP100 Match Champion is all about speed. The new GP100 Match Champion is Ruger’s first direct attempt at challenging that dominance. The most affordable variations of the SP101 retail for $719 while the GP100 Match Champion has an MSRP set at $969. When I first heard the release of the Ruger Match Champion .357 magnum/.38 Special chambered GP100 and then handled it at SHOT, I was really excited. springs in it and polish all the parts. With the word “Match” in the name, it must be even more awesome–right? Best upgrade I made was a set of reduced weight Wolff springs. So far, we’ve put 503 rounds through the GP100 Match Champion. With 180 grain FMJ the recoil is easier to manage than polymer .40s. The custom Altamont grip on the SP101 is smaller, but more contouring to the shooter’s hand; better ergonomically. Excellent job Ruger !! Though the .357 Magnum Match Champion is the gun that Ruger sent, the GP100 comes in a bunch of other variants, too. - Jim, PA : Outstanding! Other guns always seem to get my funny money though. Let me tell you, that is a blast. Ruger GP 100 Match Champion (.357 Magnum). The Ruger GP100 Match Champion's barrel is a departure from the usual GP100 barrel. Made the trigger much, much better. The GP100 Match Champion. A list of things the Match Champion has over the regular 4.2 gp100. The newly released SP101 Match Champion is chambered for one of the most popular competitive revolver rounds, the .357 Magnum. The SP101 was originally designed as a .38 Special, but according to the book Ruger & His Guns, defense expert Massad Ayoob convinced Ruger SP101 Match Champion July 09, 2018 By Stan Trzoniec. If you’re willing to spend a little money and order some .40 S&W moonclips from TK Custom, you can run .40 in the gun. I have medium sized hands, so I think the SP grip will be okay, and if I went that way I'd put Wolff 9 or 10 lb. Nice choice. I am a huge GP100 fan. This gives competitors an option that will make the major power factor each and every match. when unloaded. But Ruger has provided a litany of other reasons to give this shining thoroughbred a serious look aside from its chambering. From the reviews, it looks like the GP100 Match Champ comes almost perfect from the factory. Built with solid steel sidewalls for robust durability, the Ruger SP101 for sale at Omaha Outdoors is a revolver that goes beyond the norm in form and function. Ruger's new SP101 Match Champion revolver has been enhanced with features for the competitive shooter.. Like all Ruger firearms, the Match Champion is built in the USA. At SHOT Show, we talked to Kurt Hindle, the product manager for the Match Champion. If Ruger had ever offered the old style with a 1/2 lug barrel in 3" or 4" and adjustable sight I … It was a small-frame revolver intended to be the stablemate for the GP100 that had supplanted the firm’s small Security-Six wheelgun. The trigger is better than stock GP100, but can easily be made even better with a little more polishing, and lighter springs if you are into that. Like all Ruger firearms, the GP-100 … You'll be surprised that 180 grains of hollow point can be this comfortable to shoot. revolver successfully blends the superior toughness of the GP100 design with the slicked-up features many IDPA competitors have in mind. You can have a GP100 in .22 LR, .357 Magnum, or .44 Special, wearing a blued or stainless finish, with a barrel ranging from three to six inches. The MSRP of the SP101 Match Champion is $859. Match Champion. I bought my Match Champion with fixed Novak style rear sights as soon as it first became available back in 2014.