Taipei Medical University (TMU) 4. Pass that salt you mentioned at the beginning. Top universities cannot only be found in Taipei but across the country as well. National Cheng Kung University 3. Fax: +886-2-23911308. For a lot of my American friends, the cost of education in Taiwan is an important factor for why it is worth it. 115 National Taiwan University College of Management Global MBA Master 116 National Taiwan University College of Medicine Ph.D. of Translational Medicine Program PhD 117 National Taiwan University of ArtsCollege of Fine Arts Master of Oriental Art Curriculum in English Master 118 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Don’t get me wrong, it is still better than having end of semester exams, but I would rather come out of the semester with something more worthwhile. This part is actually the easiest part of a course if you start working on it early. Despite all the cons I have outlined, Taiwanese universities are so affordable that a lot those cons are not all that depressing when you consider you aren’t paying an arm and a leg like you would in America where you can put yourself in the area of $100,000 in debt just to get a degree that might not be worth the investment. Some buildings/areas are very modern and well equipped (library and also our MBA building). In school … Language of studies Taiwanese. I would really like to name out a few lecturers that were simply amazing and kept my interest peaked on a weakly basis, but I think I would prefer to do that when I graduate. Taiwan, like pretty much everywhere else, has a societal expectation that once you finish high school, the next logical step is university, or at least some form of a third level education. If you study media, you would expect to be taught how to maximize SEO for webpages, or how to grow Facebook pages and even how to plan, implement and track the progress of an online marketing campaign through Google analytics. The move comes as the population is set to grow at such a low rate, that having so many universities cannot be justified. Top universities in Taiwan. In terms of Universities in Taiwan, I have found some pros and cons to studying here. 3) The university’s facilities are quite inconsistent. (212) 419-8286. As a former local student of NCCU….. but NTU and other unis are richer…sigh….simply because NCCU is more about liberal arts. The other half of the time, the sound or Wifi just didn’t work and students and lecturers were left awkwardly frustrated saying “it’s in the PPT file you can download later and watch it”. Published by C. Textor, Sep 28, 2020 This statistic shows the number of universities in Taiwan from school year 2009 to school year 2019. Taiwan’s most popular university subject areas are engineering and technology, social sciences and management, with eight Taiwanese universities appearing in the world’s top 400 for each. You have to remember, all of these lecturers have PhD and some of them have real working experience in the field of research they are teaching you. National Chengchi University (NCCU) Taipei / Taiwan. ( Log Out /  Two universities in this city are ranked among the world’s top 200 universities – National Tsing Hua Universityand National Chiao Tun… except when they are renovating the library in the middle of the day when you are trying to study. In two days, I’ll be starting an International MBA program at a “top” university in Taiwan. Full school … The best universities from Taiwan are mostly in the Taipei area. Try our corporate solution for free! Top universities cannot only be found in Taipei but across the country as well. Mid-term test or mini-projects can also be added onto the workload depending on the lecturer and these can be either easy marks or be more difficult than the marks they are worth. Taipei Medical University is known to be a prestigious place to study in Taiwan. E-mail: … As far as I can tell, all you’re doing is allowing yourself to be fleeced in exchange for an exercise in cognitive dissonance. That is as simply as it gets and I have not even heard of someone failing a course in my entire time in a Taiwanese University. In short, Taiwanese university level education – especially for a master’s program – Teaches you only one skill; how to be a university researcher. In terms of doing a Master’s in Taiwan, I get the feeling much of what is taught is simply there to make you a competent researcher to be able to write a decent thesis and that is all fine and dandy until you graduate without the skills needed to work in an industry that you have a degree in. Some of what I read is interesting, but wholly not relevant in todays internet era without being updated at least. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Also important to remember, you should take everything I am saying with a grain of salt. Perhaps I’ll post a post-mortem analysis of my experience after the first semester has finished and let you know. «Life Sciences and Medicine» is considered to be the strongest program of the university. For my first semester, I felt like I was underwater all the time in terms of my workload. Interestingly, the MOE decided in 2015 to merge or close one-third of Taiwan’s 160 universities. In Hsinchu City, you will find great science and technology institutions. You really have to mess up to fail. No matter how much work I would do, no matter how much I planned a ahead and did work ahead of time, I would always start a new week and a new project and another and get thrown back into the deep end. Many public universities have financial support from the government for research purposes. I’m taking 5 because this data mining course is only offered once every two years, so if I don’t take it now, I won’t be able to. However, these skills are not all that useful when you don’t have the basic skills for the sector you are hoping to work in. National Taiwan University 2. For me, I have college friends but I don’t take part in many activities or clubs because frankly, that is a whole different blog post right there. Do yourself a favour and look for ways you can exploit the university to your advantage instead. In any syllabus you will be asked to do a the same thing in each class, with some variations. A lot of the aspects for my cons can be universal in most countries and maybe to a lesser or stronger sense depending on the country or culture of education. That is 5 lectures and If im honest, that is A LOT, i took 4 and I was really struggling. 1) Taiwanese administration, while kind and friendly, does not deal well with deviations from the norm. I would say drop the Chinese course. Unless it’s like a language intensive course of 15-2. Listening to them and having a chat after class is extremely useful and Taiwanese lecturers are very approachable and unless you catch them at a bad time, they will stay around and chat to you. Overall, I’m excited to start my program and I hope it’s not as “theoretical” as you’ve described in your post. Therefore, the Taiwan government has provided various scholarships and fellowships to help international students to study in Taiwan. being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate Taiwanese higher education-related organization I’ve only been through the registration process at this point, but here are my thoughts (I’ve studied at two universities in California, and two in Germany, for reference). National Taiwan University is a national co-educational research university located in Taipei, Taiwan. National Taiwan University (NTU) is the number 1 university in Taiwan, the number 20 university in Asia, and the number 69 in the world according to the 2020 QS University Rankings. I think studying in Taiwan is still worth it of course. Yet, the facilities in classrooms are absolutely atrocious. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. The following is a list of universities, colleges, junior colleges and institutes in Taiwan, which consists of Taiwan and Penghu Islands controlled by the Republic of China. Very few lecturers will deviate from this formula and it can be quite boring. With that said, library and the canteens are always top class places, except when they are renovating the library in the middle of the day when you are trying to study. I love this country and despite the flaws in the Universities, I find it worth it to be here and to get a degree in this country. It turns out that if you are taking 15 credits per semester, you must pay another 30,000 NTD per semester. Thanks for your blog post. National Taiwan University (referred to by the Taiwanese as Tai-Da, a shortening of the Chinese “Taiwan Daxue”), or NTU, is and has been atop the list of all of Taiwan’s universities. It can be frustrating at times dealing with the bureaucracy of the university, but overall I feel like things tend to level off and what you are left with is what you put into university. The best universities from Taiwan are mostly in the Taipei area. NTUA comprises five colleges which include College of Fine Arts, College of Design, College of Communications, College of Performing Arts, and College of Humanities. Again, it is hard to fail in Taiwanese universities unless you really go out of your own way to do so. In that regard, I can commend the MOE and policies that have kept the cost of education from rising and allowing people to have equal opportunities to study. Will my master degree in Taiwan get me a job back in the States? ( Log Out /  Still, my program is much cheaper than any comparable American program. National Tsing Hua University 6. uniRank tries to answer this question … Other mistakes would be not handing papers in on time and missing specific weeks where you might be presenting for the class. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I want actual hands-on experience with real projects that I otherwise could not do on my own in my free time. If I was designing a course for online marketing, I would 1) Set readings on online marketing from research papers 2) Make groups of two and have them make social media accounts for a fake company, or maybe a WordPress to 3) Prove they can use Facebook/Wordpress insights or if they want, prove they can use Google Analytics from wordpress by 4) Presenting their metrics and explaining their strategy and finally 5) throughout the semester students need to work towards the free Google Digital Marketing Course and gaining their certificates which are required to complete the module. Tuition is less expensive in public than in private universities, like that in most western countries. Kaohsiung Medical University 5. In short, they might teach you to be a lecturer, but that doesn’t devalue that piece of paper that says you are educated at a Master’s degree level, which can be insanely useful for you in whatever industry. This is what really shocked me about University in Taiwan. The problem is that my scholarship expires after two years anyway, so I’d have to the pay the “registration” fee. Taiwan’s population growth has declined significantly in in the last few decades and what is obvious from trends is that Taiwan will probably end up like Germany and Japan; a country of old people. This kind of bugs me because I want to be lectured by someone with a PhD in the field, not my fellow student who has the same amount of knowledge on the topic as I have because we both read the same materials. I’m really looking to increase my skills in business analytics and programming, not to study why something exists or how it is used in a theoretical sense. Change ). The main campus is … First, Taiwan features a number of world-class research institutions, and education is a top social priority. College of Fine Arts But others look like they’ve been abandoned (some of the cafeteria areas, also my international student dorm reminds me of a state prison). Outdated systems and paperwork is widespread in universities in Taiwan. National Chengchi University (Chinese: 國立 政治 大學; shortened as "政大") is a Taiwan-based national research university.The university is also considered as the earliest public service training facility of the Republic of China.First established in Nanjing in 1927, the university was subsequently relocated to Taipei in 1954. A lot of people screw this part up because they don’t actually thinking of a topic until the very last minute and work with topics that are nearly unmanageable in terms of workload or work with topics that are so vague their score will always be low. Meanwhile, AU has earned international reputation by several world university rankings. Asia University. It is harder to fail than it is to succeedÂ. Applying for a Student Work Permit in Taiwan: A Rather Needless Process – Nihao's It Going? you should take everything I am saying with a grain of salt. What are the most popular Universities in Taiwan? In America, “tuition” means the fees for registration for courses and doesn’t change, regardless of whether you take 3 or 7 classes each semester. In my experience, that simply doesn’t happen unless a student makes some huge mistakes. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. College email accounts, course selection processes, dropping and adding courses and even registering for a semester all feel like they are redundant processes and steps and need updating. They want to learn just as much as you do in many regards. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Taipei Medical University is highly renowned as a university that managed to stay in the top 5% worldwide rankings. A written project/research paper/proposal that is usually around 5,000 words long and you are expected to choose quite early on your topic, despite only being introduced to the topic for a few weeks. ranking World Rank University Det. To me, University is there to teach you the skills to be competent in the field of study you are participating in. College of Public HealthEstablished: 1993. Unlike many students who come to Taiwan, I am not an exchange student. I am a full-time international student sharing classes with other Taiwanese students, so my perspective is going to be different from the run-of-the-mill blogger in Taiwan. Will companies back in the States value much my degree from Taiwan? In Taiwan you can find plenty of top-ranked universities that take their rightful place next to some of the biggest international university names out there. Advice on How to Choose a University in Taiwan for International students – Degrees, Master’s and Automobiles – Nihao's It Going? This is so true!!!!! They have way too many students in their classes and what they teach isn’t that great. Taiwan, like pretty much everywhere else, has a societal expectation that once you finish high school, the next logical step is university, or at least some form of a third level education. I mistakenly underestimated the cost of my education because I was just looking at the semester “tuition fee” of 26, 500 NTD. Some of the readings were simply interesting and thought-provoking without much substance outside of that, and some some readings and advice was extremely practical. Press Enter / Return to begin your search. My college email account is capped at 900 emails and I am spammed everyday by other students asking me to do their surveys, the course selection process looks like it is a psychological test for human stress and anger because the first time you use it, it is counterintuitive and dropping a course you no longer want to take requires you to ask the lecturer their permission in written form to be allowed to drop their course.